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Some people wait until their car is several months old before ordering a set of seat covers. However, I recommend buying seat covers immediately after purchasing a new car. Do not wait a few months to see how badly the seats in your new car get damaged before buying a seat cover.

Also, damage can happen between the time of purchase and the time of seat cover installation. Additionally, they will help reduce the time it takes for your seats to break in thoroughly.

Although your car’s seats will eventually stop feeling new, seat covers will help maintain their appearance and bolster their overall lifespan.

Some people will balk at putting seat covers on a brand-new car. Depending on your situation, a seat cover could be a worthwhile investment. The projected growth in the market size by 5.4% CAGR through 2026 shows the rising demand and importance of installing car seat covers.

Buying a new car can range from $10,000 to $50,000+. Considering that you’ll drive your vehicle for years, it makes sense to protect its interior with seat covers from all the abuse it will get in the first year or two of ownership, especially if you have kids.

Even if you don’t have children, you’ll probably spill something in the car at some point. And if you have a dog or cat, they’ll probably shed their hair all over the seats. Both pollen and dust can make their way into the fabric of your car’s seats and carpets. You’ll need to vacuum your upholstery regularly to maintain a clean car.

You might even need to wash your fabric seats with a special cleaner. Even though you’re cleaning your car regularly, some dust and pollen will remain in the fabric of your seats. Therefore, car seat covers for your car are a worthwhile investment.

Below are the benefits and demerits of getting seat covers for a new car:

  • Protect your upholstery from stains and spills
  • Maintain the appearance of your seats longer
  • Extended comfort at an affordable price
  • Improved car interior

Protect your upholstery from stains and spills

A seat cover protects the original upholstery while still looking great. Car seat covers are made of either durable vinyl or breathable fabric. The fabric is usually a micro-suede, cotton, or polyester blend, which covers more than 90% of seat coverings worldwide that is easy to clean and resists stains. Vinyl is water-resistant and helps keep spills from seeping through to the upholstery, but it can get hot in the summer. You can find seat covers that match the color of the original upholstery to keep it looking new.

Maintain the appearance of your seats longer

If you have a car with leather seats, a seat cover will help extend the life of the expensive leather. This is especially important if you have pets. It will protect the leather from scratches and scuff marks pets can cause by moving around and shedding their fur. To maintain the aesthetics of the leather seats, you can install leather seat covers. An ideal leather seat cover should be about 1.1 mm to 1.2 mm thick, giving your seat ideal long-lasting protection. Read on how to keep seat covers from fading.

Extended comfort at an affordable price

While seat covers aren’t cheap, they are significantly less expensive than replacing your car’s upholstery. If you’re looking for a temporary solution for protecting your new car, installing seat covers can be a lower-cost option. You have to option to choose the right seat cover for summer and winter.

Improved car interior

Seat covers are also helpful for keeping your car clean. You can remove them and wash after use and use them to protect your car’s seats from getting dirty. You can remove the covers if you need to clean the seats underneath them. They are perfect for people who want to keep their car seats clean but don’t want to make any permanent alterations to their vehicles. Car seat covers are usually made from cotton or polyester fabrics that can be machine washed with cold water. They can also be removed easily when they need to be cleaned or replaced.

  • Seat covers might not fit as precisely
  • Risk of Injury
  • Inconvenience

Seat covers might not fit as precisely

Seat covers can be a little bit of a pain to install. If you have leather seats, they can also be challenging because you have to ensure they are fitted correctly so they don’t look awkward when installed.

Beware of airbag non-compatible seat covers. Those covers will come in the way of airbags in case of an accident. Check out the recommended seat covers for F150 and Ram 1500 here.

Risk of Injury

In rare cases, seat covers can even risk your health. For example, some seat covers can irritate sensitive skin, while others might not provide enough padding for drivers who need more support in their seats. Again, this is only a problem if you choose the wrong type of cover. For example, some fabric covers can be uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin. Always install safe covers for your ride.


Seat covers can make it more challenging to maintain your car correctly. If you have loose covers on your seats, it can be challenging to inspect the upholstery underneath correctly. Loose covers can also interfere with the functionality of your car’s seats. For example, loose seat covers may prevent the heating elements from working correctly if your car has heated seats.

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