How Can I Make My Car Seat Covers Fit Better?

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Having a seat cover that fits your car seat perfectly is not only comfortable but also reduces the risks and distractions that could arise from having to constantly adjust your cover while driving. I know it is hard sometimes to get a snuggly cover that fits perfectly, especially if it is a universal cover.

That’s why I came up with different methods you could apply to adjust your loose seat cover and make it more fitting! To achieve this, you could try one or more of these tips;

  • You can tuck in extra seat cover material under the car seat and use a safety pin to hold it in place.
  • Cut a small hole on each side of the seat cover. Attach a cable through the hole and tie it beneath the car seat.
  • Cut off the velcro/strap that came with the car seat cover, and reduce the length of the cord to which the velcro is attached. Reattach the velcro.
  • Or you can add a non-slip shelf liner (a woven rubbery lightweight material that doesn’t allow things to slip around). To do this;
    • Pull back the cover of the vehicle’s seat
    • Place the liner onto the sear and pull on the cover. It keeps the seat cover from slipping/being loose.
  • You could also draw the cover towards the headrest and tighten it with the use of cable or wire especially if the backrest cover is loose.
  • Sometimes, the seat cover becomes loose if the upholstery is pressed in or worn out, if that’s the case, it will help to attach another foam to the car seat before undergoing the above steps.

If all these fail, try an entirely different seat cover or consult a professional to help you with a custom-fit cover for your car.

No. Universal seat covers may fit on various models but there’s a catch. let me explain.

Having a car seat cover not properly fitted is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. This is because loosely fit car seat covers tend to take up more space, constantly slips, and also cover up some of the vital car installations.

Anything that covers your car seat may impede the actions of airbags built into the front seat of modern cars. ANCAP assesses modern car safety in Australia and also stated that it tests only factory standard models of cars and cannot certify aftermarket accessories.

Ben Gibbin, an experienced automotive writer for Finder, opined that airbags are deployed by bursting through the car seat upholstery designed to protect the head and the chest in an accident and imagined what is to happen if the airbags are deployed under the seat cover. I will leave that to your imagination!

From a series of tests on crash, impact, and deployment of airbags by Finder, it can be deduced that airbags are protective when not impeded by any aftermarket accessories or fittings.

These research and findings aid us to outline some of the risks or dangers associated with having loosely fitted car seat covers and they include the following:

  • It can limit the deployment of airbags
  • It can impede or obstruct the usage of hand brakes etc
  • It can lead to distractions, for example, trying to adjust the car seat cover because of incessant shifts while driving can make one lose focus on driving.
  • It is highly uncomfortable.

Some people might not be able to do without seat covers for their automobiles because of various reasons. If that’s the case, then you should only buy seat covers that are compatible with your car seat and airbag installation, and these covers must be securely attached to your car seat.

Read on which seat cover is best for your weather condition, how to remove them for wash and how to clean them properly to keep from fading for all types of seat covers. Read the installation guide here. The good news is, you can wash most seat covers in a washer. And the guides to best seat covers for F150 and Ram 1500.

I hope this was helpful!

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