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Are you considering buying a seat cover, or have you already bought it and you’re wondering if fitting it yourself is the right thing or going to the auto shop to get it installed by a professional?

I am here to guide you on steps you can take to install your newly bought car seat covers yourself at the convenience of your home. You can follow the steps for any type of seat cover. Remember a poorly installed seat cover can be dangerous.

Let’s get right into it. To put on your car seat covers you have to undergo the following steps:

Things Needed?

– Car seat covers. This could be custom fit, universal, fabric, or any material of your choice.
– Scissors or sharp object for making a hole to fit in the headrest after installation
– A straight wire or long thin flattened screwdriver (To push in the rear of the strap through the plastic side trim of the seat)
– The car/ car seat that you’ll be installing the covers on

Step By Step Guide:

Check the covers to be sure you understand where each is going to be fixed. Dust off or vacuum any debris or dirt fragments that are present on the car seats.

Slide the headrest cover on. Remove the headrest (To remove push the button by the side). Turn it over and tighten the strap (Keep aside). Slide the backrest part of the seat cover over to the top part of the seat. Pull down to adjust firmly as needed to be fitted. Pull the centerpiece of the seat cover through the center of the car seat (The opening between the backrest and the seat).

Place the base of the seat cover on the base of the seat and pull it tightly. Push in the seat cover till it fits well and secures. Now, roll the seat forward and go to the back seat. Pull the seat cover from under the chair (Take care not to pull it tightly so as not to tear it).

The front elastic strap should be put above the seat adjustment bar(under the seat) so that it will not interfere with the car installations. Tie the back elastic strap to the front elastic strap. Push in the side strap through the side of the seat’s plastic trim with the aid of a straight wire or flattened screwdriver. Push any excess seat cover into the plastic (by the side of the car seat) so that it is tight and fitted. Slide the seat back and go to the front and tie the two front straps.

Check for any extra straps, clips, etc, and tie as required (The number of straps in each seat cover differs). Find the headrest hole (feel it with your hands). Make a hole in the seat cover with scissors or sharp objects on top of the headrest hole in the two positions. Attach the headrest and push back to position. Repeat the steps for the rest of the car seats.

Note that if your car seat does not have a detachable headrest, there is an open-top seat cover that slides around the headrest. Also, if your seat does not have a headrest, skip the part for the headrest and follow the steps. To further aid you, check out the videos for a visual step-to-step guide on how to put on your car seat cover.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Irrespective of people’s ability to “Do it yourself” (DIY) when it comes to fixing car seat covers, it might interest you to know that according to United States Market research reports, Over the five years till 2022, auto repairs industries have experienced healthy growth in offering services. This includes installation and reinstallation of car seat covers of course.

This research stated that more consumers forgo do-it-yourself repairs, instead, enlist the help of industry operators to complete the needed repairs and maintenance for their vehicles. The conclusions of these statistics are supported by the thread of Brandongaille on auto repair industry statistics and trends.

Car seat covers are great for any weather condition. Now you know how to put on a car seat cover. Don’t leave before checking out the tips on how to keep them from fading. You may want to remove it at some point for washing or replacement. Follow the proper steps to clean your seat covers. Do you know you can use your washer too?

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