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If for any reason you cannot install your car seat covers yourself, these are some of the places you can get them installed.

  1. Local auto body detailing and paint shops
  2. Local automotive upholsterers
  3. Local auto repair shops
  4. Hire a mobile car mechanic from an online marketplace

Local Auto Body Detailing and Paint Shops: One of the “go-to” places, when you want your seat covers installed by a professional, is an auto body detailing or paint shop.

This is because they engage in an extensive cleaning of the inside and the outside of the car, restoration of the interior and exterior, and fixing tears, scratches, and other minor things.

Some of them even go as far as producing and selling the needed parts used to fix the interior and exterior of the car.

Auto body detailing and paint shop can undertake cleaning and restoration of your vehicle by;

  • Washing
  • Waxing
  • Car seat cover installation/ reinstallation
  • Buffing
  • Engine cleaning
  • Car cleaning and dressing
  • Vacuuming interior and trunks
  • Door jambs cleaning
  • Shampooing mats, seats, covers, carpets, door panel
  • Applying paint protective coatings etc


  • Trustworthy
  • Support system (Mostly have a team of mechanics)
  • Great after-sales service


  • Takes a long time (Your car joins a queue of other waiting cars)
  • You must take your car to the shop to get it fixed.

Another great place you can get your car seat covers installed is in an Automotive upholsterer’s shop. They mainly undertake;

  • Recovery, upholstering, and reupholstering of car seat covers
  • Trims the interior of the vehicle
  • Upholster car mats, door panels, seat covers, headlining, side screens, etc

The beauty of using Automotive upholsterers, according to customer reviews, is that they specialize in upholstery when compared to other places. Most of them do not offer any other services aside from upholstery-related services and that makes them an authority when it comes to the installation of seat covers and the like. They can also help you decide on a safe cover.


  • Variety
  • Specializes in upholstery
  • After-sale services


  • Expensive
  • Set location
  • Takes a longer time (when compared to mobile mechanics)

People usually interchange auto repairs and auto body shops, while others can’t seem to figure out the difference though that’s not the point of this.

Local auto repair shops can provide the services of installing your seat covers as well as auto body detailing shops.

Though auto repair shops handle engine components and related parts that wear out during driving, regular maintenance, and repairs they can as well install seat covers, all you have to do is ask if they offer such services.

Generally, they undertake services such as:

  1. Brake replacement
  2. Replacement of parts that wear out during driving
  3. Oil changes etc

Most customers when asked why they prefer to use auto repair shops always quote that with repair shops you know exactly what you are getting.

This is based on their reputations and reviews from other customers and you can always go back for after-sales services.


  • Support system
  • Reputation
  • Trustworthy


  • Lacks specialization in upholstery
  • Sometimes lacks a variety of covers or records out of stock for most materials

If for any reason, there is no available type of automotive shop listed above near you to help with installation, you can opt to hire a mobile car mechanic from an online marketplace. A mobile mechanic is an auto repair technician that can bring their professional services to you.

Services rendered by Mobile Car Mechanics:

  1. Part replacement
  2. Oil change
  3. Filter change
  4. Transmission fluid change
  5. Seat covers installation
  6. Diagnostics
  7. Emission failure repairs etc.

According to Customers’ reviews, going with Mobile mechanics saved them a lot of money spent on towing or driving down to an auto repair shop and time as well.

Also, highlights from the 2022 Aftermarket Annual Report stated that the mobile repair market expanded from 2016 to 2020 and surged and the number of technicians increased considerably while the Do-it-for-me (DIFM) market decreased at a double rate.

This is supported by the report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics which projected that mobile technicians are expected to grow by 5% between 2014 and 2024 as reported by Service Truck Magazine.

This shows that more people are using the services of Mobile Car Mechanics every day!

How to Hire a Mobile Car Mechanic from Online Marketplace

You should order a car seat cover online before calling a mobile mechanic. Read the guides on buying seat covers for Ford F150, and RAM 1500 for getting the best bang for the buck. If you want to enlist the services of a mobile mechanic, you can do this by taking the following steps:

  1. Book online
  2. State your issue/ services needed
  3. Get a quote
  4. They come to you

You can find and hire local mechanics using:


  • Maximum convenience
  • Reduced costs
  • Saves time


  • The limited scope of work
  • Limited equipment
  • Sometimes unpredictable

Before calling a Mobile car mechanic be sure to check their reviews from Facebook, Yelp, Google reviews, Glassdoor, or Angie’s List.

You can safely remove your seat covers, wash them by hand or washer based on their type and keep them on tiptop condition all by yourself at home. Thinking about installing seat covers for your newly bought car? Yes, it’s totally worth it. Read on the fitting tips and don’t forget to read why you need different covers for different weather conditions.

I hope this blog post dealt with every area you are having challenges with self-installation or professional installation. I also hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it for you!

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