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Best tool box for f150 is DECKED truck bed storage system. It comes packed with accessories, unmatched security and durability features. Here’s my list of ford f150 tool box based on their types and use cases.

With Undercover SwingCase f150 wheel well tool box, accessing your tools or gear is as easy as pulling the release lever without needing to climb over into the truck bed. You only need to swing it 180 degrees towards you then turn it back to a locking state to access your tools. This truck tool box is built to serve from high-impact components that are lightweight and weather-resistant. 


  • No tools needed to install or take off
  • Very easy to access from the tailgate
  • Removable sliding tool tray


  • Its lightweight therefore can not hold much weight
  • Durability issues

It is custom-fitted to the bed of your truck and securing your tools is a key lock away. The moisture seal protects your tools from weather elements and the f150 side tool box has cupholders to use in the tailgating season. It also works very well with every undercover truck bed cover. 

SwingCase truck box is a perfect essential addition to your truck that is easy to reach without needing to climb onto your truck bed. Just swing it your way and get the tools you need without wasting time and return it back to position. It is ideal for storing things out of the cab to the back end.

The firmness of Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest keeps your tools secure from any weather elements, theft, and makes your f150 pickup truck look nicer. The Dee Zee heavy duty truck box is very light, doesn’t rust, and is made from Brite Tread Aluminum. It has a removable plastic tray that helps organize your smaller tools and you get all the hardware needed to mount it when purchasing and it’s a breeze to install.


  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Doesn’t obstruct your rearview mirror
  • Easy installation


  • The toolbox is a bit light 
  • The lid can be slightly bigger than the box

Dezee utility chest allows you to look out the back window while driving without any interference. Its closed-cell foam gasket weatherproofs the box from elements by circumventing the lid making it a tight seal. The utility chest is easily accessible from the side of your truck so you can reach for your gear.

If you are looking for a heavy duty truck bed tool box with compartments to store your gear, Dezee red label utility chest is what you need. It completes the functionality of your ford f150 truck while giving it a cool look and you get security for your tools.

The size of this UWS aluminum storage box is amazingly big with a lot of storage while the strength and security features are even better through the Rigid Core patented technology. This UWS truck bed tool box is made of extra-dense aluminum making it as hard as iron because of its superior strength. It is a long-lasting truck accessory box, that is simple to install and keeps all your accessories safe through its lockable steel lock handles. 


  • Self-opening lid for when your hands are full
  • It has two steel locks connected with a rod for security
  • It comes in different designs


  • The tool box is not as hardy as they say
  • Mounting hardware is sold separately

If you want a truck storage box that can safely keep more than your tools and equipment this UWS tool storage box will sort you out. Its durability is high and can last you for many years.

This Weather guard’s saddle box’s full bed clearance, expert protection, and ease of installation make it very practical and good to have for every truck owner. The improved locking security system is as good as can be with push buttons that are tamper-resistant protecting it from break-ins. Its latches require less force when opening or closing and you can code many boxes to open with one key.


  • Compatible with various tuck models
  • Comes with plastic hooks, an assortment box, and a sliding tray
  • Very good locking system


  • May get damaged from a hard fall

The truck toolbox is weatherproof and compatible with remote key entry and interior truck box lights from PowerSync. This Weather Guard saddle box has buckles for tying it down with multiple or universal straps while the matte black armor ensures a lifetime of service. It is a perfect addition to your truck because you no longer need to worry about your tools. 

If you’re looking for a toolbox that will fully fit across your truck bed, the Weather Guard low profile saddle box comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting. 

The accessories that come with Decked Tool Box F150 storage system bring so much functionality that you can carry heavy duty items on top of it without a problem. You’ll enjoy watertight protection down to the opening and closing of the drawers allowing you to enjoy hunting, climbing, or camping while hiding your items from the outside. 


  • Easily fits the truck bed just like a glove
  • It can take a 2,000-pound load on top of it
  • Smooth drawer operation


  • Takes up a lot of truck bed storage space

The decked storage system fully guards your gear, tools, and other items from any weather elements including rain or a car wash. Using a few common tools, installing the decked storage system is as easy as attaching parts with a couple of nuts and bolts. The deck is super durable as it can withstand almost any task and each drawer has a 200-pound storage capacity. 

Are you looking for a truck bed storage system that can safely keep most of your valuables and is still durable enough to withstand heavy tasks? The Decked Ford truck bed storage system is a very good option that will last for ages. 

Storing your gear, hunting guns, and other long or short items could never be easier than with the Tuffy full width under rear seat lockbox for Ford F150. The under seat toolbox is highly secure with a form-fitting design whose space is more than 4,500 cubic inches. You only need to flip one or both back seats to access the lockbox that is fitted with Tuffy’s Pry-Guard Locking System.


  • Perfectly fits below the rear seat of the Ford F150
  • Strong and durable
  • Excellent locking system


  • Flimsy installation components
  • The front can be a bit high where there is a mat on the floor

It is a double-bitted, ten-tumbler lock with inbuilt weather seals. The chamfered corners ease the operation of the seats for passenger entry and exit. The stealthy design is made from welded steel with a long-lasting powder textured coat finish. The lockbox comes provided with the mounting hardware and installing it is as easy as doing a few minutes job. 

If you are looking for a storage lock box to keep in the cabin of your car for the more private items, Tuffy’s full width under rear seat lockbox is a good option for you.

The deep base and small profile of this Arksen Diamond Plate toolbox are perfect for a contractor with many items to carry. It is made from long-lasting aluminum that is textured and has a diamond plate design with a built-in lock that comes with two keys.

The deep base and small profile of this Arksen Diamond Plate toolbox are perfect for a contractor with many items to carry. It is made from long-lasting aluminum that is textured and has a diamond plate design with a built-in lock that comes with two keys.

Its rigid construction makes it a perfect addition for your F150’s truck bed or even your house. It perfectly fits under your truck’s tonneau cover, is lightweight, and can safely hold a lot of things inside. Its handles are made from stainless steel, offer a good grip, and have quick-release doors that be opened without any tools. 


  • Deep space keeps a lot of things inside
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Automatically locks when you secure the hasp


  • It is not theft-proof because of its thin-plate aluminum
  • It is not all weatherproof

The deep space of the Arksen 30″ Diamond Plate toolbox will allow you to store a ton of things on your truck bed. Its ease of operation makes it a good choice to have with the automatic locking system and ease of installation on the bed of your truck.

Being able to fit this Lund toolbox in mid-sized or full-size trucks is one of the best things about it. Made from heavy-duty rust-resistant diamond trend aluminum, it is leakproof ensuring maximum protection from all-weather elements. It is designed to securely fit on the truck bed with no obstruction challenges to the rearview mirror.


  • Lightweight tool box
  • Can fit on many truck models
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Not fit for heavy-duty work
  • Can be easily broken therefore not very secure

This flush mount box is available in bed and cross-over configurations and its hardiness means it can withstand a good amount of abuse. While it is lightweight and scratch-free, installation is as easy as placing and screwing it into position. The flush mount box is also lockable with a key to protect your items from any elements both weather and human. It is also scratch and abrasion resistant because of the ethafoam mounting strips and electrostatically done finish.  

Anyone looking for a lightweight toolbox for his truck bed can consider the Lund Black 48″ Flush mount Box. It is ideal for carrying light tools and is easy to install and remove from the truck bed. 

  • Measure the bedrails’ distance
  • Measure the bed walls height
  • Get the distance between the bulkhead and the wheel wells

Measuring A Truck For Tool Box

Let’s see how to measure a truck before getting a tool box

Required Tools:

– A measuring tape.

Things Needed?

– Pen
– Paper

Step by Step Guide:

Measure the bedrails’ distance

This is what determines the greatest width a tool box can have therefore when purchasing know the measurements of the narrower base and the wide top.

Measure the bed walls height

This measurement lets you know how high your tool box should be. Although most toolboxes do not extend to the floor there are a few oversized ones that could be taller.

Get the distance between the bulkhead and the wheel wells

This determines how much clearance the chest will have from the wheel well’s base to the bulkhead.

Here’s my detailed guide on how to measure truck bed.

Most truck owners have a strong affinity for having a toolbox with various tools and instruments for various tasks. Below are some of the must-have things;

  • Wrenches
  • Ratchets, Extensions, and Sockets
  • Pliers and Screwdrivers
  • Spare Parts
  • Circuit breakers and Fuses


Wrenches are important for loosening or tightening bolts, nuts, pipe fittings and they come in various sizes, shapes, and uses.

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Ratchets, Extensions, and Sockets

These are essential add-ons to your truck’s toolbox as they help fasten and loosen various things and come in various sizes. 

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Pliers and Screwdrivers

Plyers are used for holding parts when needed or gripping them to avoid movement. Screwdrivers come in various lengths and sizes for fastening screws. 

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Spare Parts

These are parts that require frequent replacement and can be done on the road such as filters, an alternator, belts, and pulleys.

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Circuit breakers and Fuses

It is advisable to carry a spare of these because the truck can develop an electrical problem that would only need a circuit breaker.

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Wrap Up

Best tool box for f150 must be weatherproof, locked securely and protect tools and gears from any damage. All my recommended truck bed tool boxes are proven to offer the required functionality. Get one of these and keep your belongings safe and secure.

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