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Knowing how to measure truck bed is important for installing accessories and loading properly. Truck bed is measured in square feet and cubic feet. I’ve explained both in a step by step process.

Measuring your truck bed is quite an easy task. I will guide you step by step on how to take accurate measurements.

Required Tools:

– 10 Ft. Measuring Tape.

Things Needed?

– Pen
– Paper

Add Steps:

Measure The Length

Start by establishing the length of your truck bed. Length is the distance between the inside part of the bulkhead and the tailgate. Place the measuring tape on the bulkhead moving towards the tailgate. Keep the tape straight. Using a Bluetooth measuring tool helps better. See details here.

Properly Record The Measurement

Record the measurements in Feet. Usually, the record on some measuring tapes is in inches. To convert that into feet, the standard measure used by most manufacturers, divide inches by 12. For example, 70 inches by 12 will give you 5’8 feet.

Measure The Width

Now that we have the length, let’s find out what the width is. Use the measuring tape again from the right side to the left side. The distance inside the right side to the left side of your truck bed is the width.

Measure The Height

Measure the height of your truck bed. To do this, place your measuring tape on the inside of your truck bed’s tailgate. Start from the bottom, moving upwards.

Calculate The Measurement In Square Feet

Now that you have the measurement, you can convert that into square feet and cubic ft. of your truck bed. For example, assume the length is 70 inches, width is 32 inches and height 18 inches. To calculate the square ft. multiply the two and divide that by 144. That is 70*3=2,450, then 2,450/144=17. Therefore, the truck bed is 17sq ft.

Calculate The Volumetric Measurement In Cubic Feet

To convert to cubic feet, First, convert the height from inches to feet by dividing 18 by 12, which translates to 1.5 ft. Multiply the square ft. findings with 1.5 ft., 17×1.5=25.5 cubic feet.

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Step 1

Start by clearing everything out of your truck bed.

Step 2

Open your tailgate and place the measuring tape at the end. Keep the tape straight on the bottom of the truck bed and move towards the bulkhead. Record the inches and divide that by 12 to convert into feet.

Alternatively, you can use the corners of your truck. On the left corner, place the measuring tape from the bulkhead and stretch towards the left corner of the tailgate. Record the measurements.

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Step 3

Most pickup trucks come with a standard width, so you might not need to take the measurement. However, it does not hurt to know, just in case. Place the tape on the inside of the right-hand of your truck and move towards the left. Make sure the measuring tape remains straight. Divide the inches by 12 to convert that to feet.

Step 4

Measure the depth or height of your truck bed. Place the measuring tape vertically on one side of your truck bed. Record the measurements.

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Why is it important to get accurate measurements for your truck bed? Below is a list explaining why it matters:

  • Measuring your truck bed will help you make informed decisions when buying and installing truck bed accessories. This include truck bed liner, truck bed mattress, truck bed tent, tonneau cover, truck cap, pickup truck bed mat etc.
  • Proper knowledge of your bed length and width will come in handy when packing up cargo. With the measurements, you can comfortably tell the amount of load that goes in the truck bed. You will also have an idea of how you can properly arrange the luggage to maximize the space.
  • Truck manufacturers have a standard measure for truck beds. That being short bed, standard bed, and long bed. Sometimes the advertised length by these manufacturers can differ slightly from the actual length of your truck bed. This is because they round off the measure length of your truck bed will depend on the make and. The closest option to your pickup bed’s length is your best bet.
  • No run-ins with the law. By measuring your truck bed, you can easily observe and adhere to any transport and safety regulations or requirements put in place when transporting cargo. Being within the payload capacity is much easier.

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Wrap Up

Now you know how to measure truck bed and why it is paramount. You can now make the right decision when buying truck accessory and customizing your truck bed. Make sure you accurately take the measurements to avoid any errors before installing covers. Simplest mistakes can make a big difference.

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