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Are you planning a camping trip? Or are you just transporting luggage using your truck? Here’s ten proven methods on how to keep luggage dry in truck bed:

  • Waterproof Truck Bed Bag
  • Tonneau Covers
  • Truck Bed Toppers
  • Tarp For Truck Bed
  • Diy Waterproof Truck Bed Storage
  • Contractor Bags
  • Truck Bed Canvas Canopies
  • Waterproof Truck Bed Storage Containers
  • Truck Bed Raisers
  • Stretch Wrap

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Let’s explore the options and find the best fit for how to keep luggage dry in truck bed

Waterproof Truck Bed Bag

Waterproof truck bed bag or truck bed cargo bag is made from non-breathable airtight PVC or weatherproof polyethylene material. Truck bed cargo bag comes in different qualities and thus vary in price. You will find different sizes of truck bag depending on the size of your truck luggage. You can find sizes up to 75 cubic feet ranging from $100 to $400 depending on what you are looking for.

Truck bed cargo bags are easier to put and remove. They are also easy to fold and store. However, there is a limit to what you can put in them and Zip up because they are airtight. See details here.

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Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are thin covers fitted on top of the truck bed at the same level as the sides of your car. In addition to keeping your luggage dry, hard tonneau keeps it secure.

The most common tonneau covers include:

Roll-up Tonneau covers

As the name implies, you roll them up to open or close. Check compatibility here.

Foldable tonneau covers

Most common due to how easy it is to operate. Compare features here.

tri fold tonneau cover

Folding and organizing is much easier with tri fold tonneau covers. More benefits here.

Retractable tonneau covers

Comes with a push-button to operate. Materials available include Vinyl and aluminum. Read customer feedbacks here.

Hinge tonneau covers

Seamless finish to the truck exterior and most come with a lock option at the tailgate for extra security. See photos and videos here.

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Truck Bed Toppers

Truck bed toppers, also known as truck caps, come in aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic materials.

Aluminum truck bed topper is durable, protect your luggage from moisture and, are inexpensive. It is worth noting the aluminum, due to its light material, tends to get dented.

Fiberglass toppers are hard shells that often come with side and rear windows. You can easily paint the to match the color of your truck.

Plastic toppers are, well, made of plastic. Plastic being water-resistant will ensure your luggage stays dry. Cost is lower than fiberglass, you can score one from about $1,500. Compare prices here.

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Tarp For Truck Bed

Truck bed tarp Cover and bungee cords are inexpensive ways to cover your luggage. Tarps are cheap and easy to find. If you have a tarp in your garage, all you need is bungee cords, ratchet strap, or a rope. One way to do the bungee method is to wrap the tarp around your luggage, then tie the rope around. For extra security, to ensure your luggage does not keep rolling over, tie the rope or bungee cords at the edge of the vehicle’s body.

Alternatively, after loading your luggage in the trunk, place the tarp over the trunk bed and secure it using bungee cords around the car edges.

Tarps are durable, affordable and will protect your luggage from any damage. So if you are in a pinch, a tarp for truck bed is your best bet. See detailed features here.

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Diy Waterproof Truck Bed Storage

Plywood is water-resistant therefore an ideal material to make a diy waterproof truck bed storage. However, prolonged exposure to moisture will result in the plywood rotting. That said, it is crucial to ensure that you waterproof the material.

Plywood truck bed cover is convenient and inexpensive. Here’s a durable plastic cover. If you are up to diy waterproof truck bed storage, the plywood truck bed cover has become versatile as it offers a cost-effective way to cover your luggage compared to factory-made truck bed covers.

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Contractor Bags

Contractor bags are another cheap way of keeping your luggage dry. Contractor bags are trash bags made from plastic and low-density resin. Resin reinforces the plastic to make it more durable.

While using contractor bags, you will want to go for the 3mm heavy-duty, these do not tear easily. Use duct tape or a zip tie to seal the bag after placing your luggage inside. Contractor bags are a cheap way of ensuring your luggage remains dry. However, they are not a permanent solution. See details here.

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Truck Bed Canvas Canopies

Canvas canopies are known as heavy-duty, durable and versatile material, making them a preferred truck bed cover for most military vehicles. They are both water-resistant and water proof and will ensure that your cargo stays dry.

Installation of canvas covers is relatively easy. Just like the roll-up tonneau cover, you can secure the canvas on the side anchor of the vehicle. If you want to raise the canopy for more storage room on your truck bed, you might have to weld steel bars, as most trucks don’t come with them. Once you fit your canvas, ensure all ties are fastened on the anchors.

Canvas covers are easy to maintain, durable and most of all, protect your luggage from despite the weather. Check compatibility here.

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Waterproof Truck Bed Storage Containers

Waterproof truck bed storage containers are another way to ensure your luggage remains dry. There is a variety of different sizes and types of plastic. You can find storage bins at your local hardware or convenience store without breaking your bank.

It is worth noting that there are PVC suitcases are also available in the market these days. You should consider getting one as they are waterproof. Check perks here.

The good thing about plastic containers is that they can act as organizers too. The problem with storage containers is that you will have to buy quite a few if you have large quantity of luggage.

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Truck Bed Raisers

As much as you are protecting your luggage e from the rain, it is also equally essential to protect it from the water pooling at the base of the trunk bed. You can achieve this by keeping your luggage elevated. Wooden shipping pallets make excellent truck bed raisers. They are making plastic shipping pallets too.

If pallets are well within out of your reach, you can use other materials, like wood or metallic rods. Using either of the two, place them evenly on the truck bed in a way your luggage remains elevated.

Alternatively, you can line the truck bed with water-absorbent materials like cardboard boxes or truck bed mats. See details here.

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Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap, also known as stretch film or cling film, is a waterproof, highly stretchable plastic material. Stretch wrap elasticity will allow it to cling tightly on luggage.

Arrange your luggage in cardboard boxes, then use stretch wrap to wrap the boxes. To make work easier, you can buy the handheld type of stretch wrap, it is specifically designed to be used manually. If you do not have the commercial stretch wrap, you can still use the household food wrap.

Stretch wrap also protects your luggage from damage, it is easy to use and very cost-effective.

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These are some of the challenges you experience in keeping luggage dry in your truck bed:

  • The weather
  • Truck bed size
  • Roads and Paths
  • Nature of Luggage

The Weather

Weather is perhaps the most difficult challenge we encounter. There is no sure way of telling when it will rain or even snow with mother nature in control.

Truck Bed Size

Sometimes, you might find yourself having to pack more luggage than can fit in the truck bed. It is tough to keep your luggage dry if the trunk bed is smaller than the cargo.

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Roads And Paths

Your truck is a beast when it comes to bad roads and rough terrains. However, navigating these roads with luggage on board is not easy, with the risk of splashing mud puddles.

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Nature Of Luggage

While packing up your trunk, chances are you will have among your things items in liquid form. Spills of such liquid will transfer to your other luggage. Water pooling the bottom of the truck. Sometimes rainwater seeps through and collects at the bottom of the truck bed.

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Wrap Up

Here’s how to keep luggage dry in truck bed. Most of the options here will keep your luggage dry regardless of how harsh the weather gets. It will ultimately depend on the size of your cargo, budget and your truck.

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