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The answer to this question is yes! There are different car seat covers for different temperatures. I’ll briefly tell you why!

  • You need temperature-suited car seat covers to regulate your temperature while driving.
  • To avoid freezing up in winter or burning out in summer.
  • For Comfort: When driving, especially on a road trip, there is a need for comfort and ease, these car seat covers provide both!
  • It gives you the option to choose what you want according to the weather.

The summer, as we all know, is hot but it gets more interesting. According to data from the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the average temperature for the cities like Tampa, Salt lake city, New Jersey, San Antonio, etc was around 73.9 degrees Fahrenheit in 2021.

Also, NASA on Global Climate Change stated that the average surface temperature in the years, 2020 and 2016 was recorded as the hottest year and projected that the warming will continue due to human activities…. Whoops!

This shows that the earth is becoming warmer and as a result, manufacturers of car seat covers have to adjust to suit the trend of the changing temperature to produce car seat covers that align with temperature changes.

There are varieties of car seat covers that can make the hotness of the temperature less felt especially in summer and they include;

  • Linen car seat covers
  • Sheepskin car seat covers
  • Cotton Terry car seat covers
  • Cooling Car Seat Covers

Linen car seat covers are made from fibers sourced from stems of flax plants which are environment-friendly materials. Flax fibers are very strong, up to three times stronger than cotton because of their crystalline structure.

Linen car seat covers

They are heavier and stronger than cotton seeds, yet they offer better breathability. Some of the features that make Linen car seat covers one of the right options to put on for summer include;

  • Have good ventilation effects
  • Are radiation protective
  • Breathable non-woven fabrics
  • Moisture wicking

Though with all the benefits it offers, it gets wrinkled quickly and is very unpopular with those that love smoother finishes.

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers are made from wool and offer luxury and style while being friendly to the pocket. The unique nature and composition of wool help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Sheepskin car seat covers

Some of the features of sheepskin car seat covers that make them unique for summer use include;

  • It has an active fiber structure that traps or releases air.
  • It offers an immediate coolness in the summer.
  • It has temperature-regulating qualities.

Asides from being expensive when compared to other car seat covers, it can look saggy before long with bald patches. It is mostly preferred in winter than summer.

It can also be slippery on plastic material facings as it gets affected by natural oils as a result of sweating from the wool.

These are woven by using warp and can be infused with silk, linen, or polyester fibers. It is designed to be absorbent and soft to the touch. Irrespective of being heavier in weight than other materials like cotton, linen, etc it is fluffy and quick drying.

Cotton Terry car seat covers

Some of the characteristics that make Cotton Terry Car Seat Covers suitable for summer include;

  • Ideal for keeping cool on hot sweltering days
  • Soaks up sweats as a result of sweat from summer
  • Affordable
  • Offers softness to the touch.

Cotton terry car seat covers look unattractive and is mostly ignored by those who take pride in the aesthetic beauty of their car interior.

These are seat covers with built-in fans which helps to distribute air all over the seats to get cool. This can include ice-wire car seat covers and other cooling technologies.

Cooling Car Seat Covers

Some of the features that make cooling car seat covers a great fit for summer are;

  • Utilizes cooling technology such as cooling gel
  • Offers protection from scorching car seats by creating an effective layer of breathable mesh
  • Possesses ventilation with fans
  • Allows you to customize the car seat and change settings.
  • It possesses massagers with cooling abilities for pain relief.

Though, it is the most expensive when compared to other car seat covers within the same category. It can also be noisy and bulky due to the inbuilt fans. And does not feature heating elements.

Just as the earth is becoming warmer in summer, it is also becoming colder in winter. Basic Planet, recorded that the temperatures in some countries of the world, like Finland, Iceland, the USA, Antarctica, Russia, etc start from -20 and drop to -79 degrees Celsius sometimes.

This record will make you wonder how one can survive for hours inside the vehicle without freezing to death. This is possible by using the appropriate car seat covers and accessories meant for winter asides blasting off your car heater! Some of the types of car seat cover suitable for winter include;

  • Australian Sheepskin Car Seat Covers
  • Heated car seat covers

We have already established the source and material for Sheepskin car seat covers, but we are yet to tell you that the saying “Warm in winter, cool in summer” is entirely true! This is because of the following characteristics of Sheepskin car cover during cold weather;

  • Wool has hollow fibers with the ability to promote airflow and wick away moisture
  • Helps regulate body temperatures
  • Offers insulation against heat and cold

The disadvantages of Sheepskin car seat covers are already discussed above.

Heated Car Seat Covers are practical accessories that offer protection to the car seats and provide warmth during cold winters.

Heated car seat covers

It is positioned on car seats and provides heat when turned on. Some of the characteristics of heated car seat covers that make them a practical solution for you during winter include the following;

  • Possesses adjustable temperature settings
  • It has massage capabilities
  • It has an automatic shut off
  • Keeps seats dry even in snowy and extremely icy conditions
  • Provides lumbar support

Irrespective of being a great option for winter use, overuse of heated car seat covers can lead to burns. If you fail to follow the recommended instructions it can lead to fatigue and headaches. It can also make you prone to cold easily due to violations of body temperature. Have I mentioned it is expensive? Yes! It is.

There you have it! With these variations and choices, as the weather temperature rises or drops you have nothing to worry about for you are sure you’ll be comfortable and safe!

Installing seat covers on a new car is totally worth it. Read on about different types of car seat covers, how to clean them by hand or washer, how to remove them for washing, installing DIY or by a professional, and car seat cover maintenance guides here. Also, don’t forget to check out the Seat covers for Ram 1500 and Ford F150.

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